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Vaccinations are important for protection against fatal diseases to dogs, therefor you should book your appointments and attend them regularly. 


after your pet’s first vaccination to the vet, you will have to visit the vet few more times (mostly 3 visits) then after getting the vaccination on the course of few months, the vaccination will be yearly. you could also ask your vet if you dog is in need of other vaccinations 


  • Canine Distemper: a highly contagious virus that infects the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system for not only dogs but some other animals as well. it can be transmitted by contact with the infected animal’s belongings. Symptoms for the disease are discharges from the nose, fever, coughing, vomiting, seizer, twitching, paralysis diarrhea and sometimes death. Unfortunately, this disease has no cure. and if your dog gets infected, it will need a lot of medical attention.


  • Canine Hepatitis: highly contagious viral infection that affect spleen, lungs, liver, kidneys, eyes. Some of the symptoms are, slight fever and congestion of the mucous membranes (nose, mouth, and esophagus) to vomiting, jaundice (yellowness of the skin and eyes), stomach enlargement, and pain around the liver usually the disease is not deadly but the sever form is fatal , and it will require immediate medical attention 


  • Canine Parainfluenza:  is a virus that can cause kennel cough, and some of the symptoms are sneezing, gagging, fever, coughing, nasal discharges.


  •  Corona Virus: which is a virus that infects the gastrointestinal systems and could cause respiratory infections. Some of the symptoms are loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea. It is recommended to keep the dog hydrated, warm and comfortable, and to reduce nausea. 


  • Leptospirosis: a zoonotic disease (contagious to people) caused by bacteria. it can be found in soil and water. some symptoms are fever vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea loss of appetite, severe weakness and lethargy, stiffness, jaundice, muscle pain, infertility, kidney failure, and some other times it cannot have any symptoms.


  • Parvovirus: is another highly contagious virus that infect dogs less than fourth months old. this virus infects gastrointestinal system resulting in loss of appetite, vomiting, fever, and often severe, bloody diarrhea.  Also, extreme dehydration is possible which might lead to the dog’s death. Unfortunately, there isn’t any cures, but immediate medical attention is required. Intensive care at the vet could help the immune system to defend the body.


  • Rabies: a viral disease that infects mammals, affecting the nervous system. Some symptoms are headache, anxiety, hallucinations, excessive drooling, fear of water, paralysis, and death. And it is transmitted by rabid animal’s bite.


  • Kennel Cough (infectious tracheobronchitis): kennel cough which can be caused by viral or bacterial infections such as Bordetella and canine parainfluenza, and often involves multiple infections. It is easily transmitted. It results in inflammation of the airways. which might cause dry coughing, but in more advanced cases retching and gagging and loss of appetite can be present.


  • Lyme disease (borreliosis): transmitted by ticks and caused by a bacterium called a spirochete, it can affect the heart, kidney, joints and if left without treatment it could lead to neurological disorders. Some of the symptoms are lymph nodes swelling, slight fever, and no eating.   


side affects after vaccination : 

It is vey common for your dog to show some side affects such as , discomfort and swelling , mild fever , lost of appetite , reduced activity , sneezing coughing , vomiting , diarrhea 


Why are vaccination important ?

Vaccines boost your dog’s immune system and help it protect the body for threating diseases .



What age should my dog start with their vaccination? 

It is preferable to start vaccination at the age of six to nine months. Also, once your dog weights 1 KG you should take it to the vet.


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