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Introducing pets

In this article, we will be talking about introducing cat to cat, dogs to the cat, and dogs to dogs. But hey if you want us to write about some other pet just hit us up on our email!.

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If the dog is generally aggressive or constantly barks at cats, it is better to not adopt a cat. The same thing goes if a cat is generally terrified from dogs, it is best not to adopt a dog.


If both of your pets are typically calm, then it’s best to bring other pets with similar personalities.


How to introduce them:

1- The introduction process has to be done at your home.


2- At first, switch between which animal has the freedom to roam around the house this way they can get used to the other pet's scent, while the other one is locked in a room. Rotate between them. If no one is at home, then both of them should be locked up (only at the start).


3- After they get used to each other’s scents, introduce them but with leashes.


4- Finally, allow unsupervised interactions.

Introducing dogs to other dogs 

You need to let them get used to the presence of each other slowly. Start by taking them for walks, while on leashes, but they have to be a few meters apart. 


Then introduce them with their leashes in an open area, let them sniff each other and if they start playing let them play for a few minutes then end it on a positive note. If no problems occur then let them play in your yard and after that inside your house.


If there are problems between them, then go out with them for a few walks while they are separated from each other until they start getting used to around one another.


At the start, whenever you are away from them, you should keep them separate.


Introducing cats to cats:


Before you introduce them to each other, rub a towel on the new cats cheek, then rub it again on your current cat and Vice versa.


Finally, you must play with your cats for a minimum of an hour daily and at that time introduce them to each other, if your cats show high levels of stress, aggression, or loss of appetite for few days; then take her to a veterinarian to get an appropriate solution to the situation.

Some studies say that it takes 8 months to a year for cats to befriend one another. 


Cats have different social needs compared to dogs, they usually are satisfied with being the only cat in the house; however, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be happy with another cat around.


You must take in consideration the personality, age, and habits of your current cat before choosing your next cat. For example, you shouldn’t bring a playful kitten to a house with an adult cat used to a quiet lifestyle. 


Start by placing your new cat in a separate area that the other cats don’t use often. The area should be provided with food, water, a scratching post, a litter box, natural sunlight, places to hide, and a resting places.

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