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A lot of people tend to get fish as their first pet, specifically a betta fish. Why is that you think? , well because people think that fish maintenance is easy. Today I would like to prove you wrong as I will take you through a whole guide to how to take care of a betta fish and their needs : 

Unlike people think putting them in a small cup is very wrong the fish need a tank that is at least 2.5 gallons and for a happy beta we recommend 5 gallons 

They need a carnivore diet such as pellet fish food for a betta or frozen blood worm and black worms, your betta should finish their food within two minutes if they didn't this means you are overfeeding them.

You need a thermometer while keeping the temperature no less than 25.5 C and no more than 26.5 C,
And it should never drop under 23.5 C

  -  Betas like to hide so make sure you provide some decorations for them to hide in 

  -  Make sure to always measure your tanks parameters  

  - You need to make a regular water change, but never change the whole water at once, make a 25% change,           if you have filters in your tank you could change the water every two weeks, but if you don't you should do it       weekly. And of course, the tank's size plays a role.
     don't ever use soaps or any detergents while cleaning the tank! 

  -  Avoid putting other betas together, as they might end up fighting

Fish health : 

How do I know that my fish is in danger?

  - Color change and loss of appetite 

  - White Spots on the fish (Ich disease)

  - Fungus on the eyes (eye discoloration or cotton-like spots)

  - Ripped fines 

  - Weight loss 

  - Difficulty in breathing 

  - inactivity 

How do I know that my fish is fine : 

  - Responsive and active 

  - Showing aggressive behavior

  - Have Vivid colors 

  - Having a good appetite 

  - Healthy fins 

Some facts : 
Betta fish can live up to 3 years, If taken care of properly 

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