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Cat Personalities..


If you’ve known more than one cat in your lifetime, you know that each cat is unique, with their own personality.


According to studies, researchers applied a model of human personality traits to pet cats, these feline personalities types are called “The Feline Five”.


The conclusion was done after administering a personality test to about 2900 domestic cats in Australia and New Zealand completed by the feline’s owners who ranked their pets on a scale of 1 to 7 for each of 52 behaviour and traits, including “clumsy”, “reckless” and “vocal”.


 The five traits include:


1- Skittishness (Neuroticism):

Cats that earned high skittishness scores are more anxious and fearful; calm and trusting cats had low scores.


2- Outgoingness (Extraversion):

 Highly outgoing cats are curious and active; those with low scores are unusual and “strange” according to the test.


3- Dominance:

 Cats that are bullying and aggressive to their other feline friends got high scores; meanwhile cats that are friendly and submissive to other felines scored low.


4- Spontaneity (Extroversion):

High scores indicate impulsive, erratic cats; low scores went to predictable, constrained cats.


5- Friendliness (Agreeability): 

Highly friendly cats tend to be affectionate, while those with low scores are solitary and irritable.


Of course, every cat is unique and has its own blended personality, just as humans are. But being in tune with your cat’s personality can help you better meet your cat's needs on an individual level and provide them with the ultimate kitty paradise in your home. 



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