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who are we ?

Karbasha was formed by a group of people located in Riyadh who met under mysterious circumstances and have come together under their shared love and obsession with animals.They officially joined minds and decided to change the quality of animal life for the better in 2018/1439 and founded Karbasha. Soo, you’re probably wondering why Karbasha? Well, it means scratches in Arabic. We were inspired by a tv show we used to watch when were kids called Catscratch . does it ring a bell?

 Catlisa Karbasha's ambassador 

 speaking and here I will be explaining who these guys are

صورة كاتاليزا

Our Vision

We hope to build an animal-loving and aware society.

Our Rules

- We priorities the pet’s health, therefore don’t forget spaying and vaccinations.


- We have to make sure you and your new friend (pet) get along! 



- If you are under 18, please bring your guardian signature.

Our Goal

- Well, buddy, we put your pet up to adoption on our insta/twitter.


- We have a website for sharing information about animals.

- We support ourselves financially by selling unique products.  


- We edit pictures of loving stray animals. .And duh, of course, we can do for your pets as well!

Our Job

Improve the lives of animals.

If you think we’re cool, help us!

(the magic word) pleaseeee.

to help us :

- Please refrain from buying pets and adopt, this way you help cute little souls.


- Donate cages, trash cans, food, and anything you think might help animals.


- We’re nothing without you !, so come volunteer with us.

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