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Why did you

abandon me ?

Many people abandon their pets without realizing that at one point the animal considers them as their only family. Once you abandon them it will affect them psychologically.

Some of the reasons that might lead to such a  thing:


1- A member of the family develops allergies to the pet without taking into consideration that these allergies can sometimes be dealt with and controlled.


2 -People move from their homes and give up a member of the family(pet) on the pretext that I have no place or time to take care of it because "moving is taking all my time".


3-People complain of aggressive behavior, but this behavior can easily be controlled. But you have to have the determination and of course, you must love your pet.


Most people do not understand that pets have similar feelings as humans (such as fear, sadness, and happiness), and once you abandon them it has a negative effect on them.

In such a way:


- They are intellectually and emotionally fragmented because they are displaced from the only people they know.


- They lose their ability to bring food because they're used to human help in daily life matters such as food and sleep.


- Severe health effects and diseases can be encountered due to malnutrition and abandonment.


- On the other hand, they may be subject to death if people abandon them in the streets as they are not accustomed to this environment.

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