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How to Give a Cat Medicine:

In the beginning, you can ask the veterinarian, who is treating your cat, for an explanation of the process. You can feed them pills by hiding them within delicious things, or using a towel to control the cat, and there are other ways we will learn:


Ask your veterinarian for:

  • The time to give the medicine

  • Is the medication given with or without food?

  • Route of administration (by mouth, injections).

  • What are the side effects?

  • How to protect yourself when giving the medicine


*Remember to read the instructions of the drug


Ways to give the drug:

The easiest and most fun for both of you is to give the medicine “between-eating” with the use of pill pockets (you can find them at pet stores).

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If you can’t find the medicine pocket or if the cat does not like them, try using the cat's wet food to make the medicine pocket from the small meatballs to hide the pills inside.

If you want to give the cat medicine using wet cat food, give her two balls of four meatballs that do not contain pills. Then, give her a ball of meat containing the pill and wait until the cat swallows it. Then follow with the last ball of meat does not contain a pill to help remove the taste of medicine from her mouth. The latest free-of-charge meatball will help prevent the cat from tying the food to a bad taste, which will make it easier to continue using this method.


If the cat needs to take the medicine on an empty stomach, you will need to use a pills syringe or carefully place the pill in the cat's mouth while holding it.

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Before restricting the cat’s movement, you will need to equip its drugs first. If you have not already done so, read the medicine label carefully before preparing the medicine. Contact your veterinarian if you have any questions about how to administer the medicine.

Your veterinarian may give you a pill tool if you are providing medicine without food. This tool works like a syringe for pills, so you don’t need to insert your fingers into the cat's mouth. If your cat takes liquid medicine, you will need to use the medicine dropper. Remember to check the dosage and make sure you put the correct amount.

If the cat takes the medicinal pills without food, the medicine dropper should be prepared with about 5 mL of water as well. You can give them water after the pills to ensure that they swallow the pills and do not stay in the esophagus.

Put the cat medicine close to the place where it will be restricted to give it medicine so that you can bring the medicine as soon as you open the cat's mouth. For example, you can put the medicine on a paper towel or on a nearby surface or ask someone to prepare the medicine next to you.

Use your thumb and finger to press the corners of the cat's mouth. The cat should begin to open its mouth as the pressure increases with the fingers. If the cat does not open its mouth enough to be given the medicine, use your other hand to gently press on its lower jaw.

Do your best to keep your fingers out of the cat's mouth while keeping it open. Keep your fingers on the edges of her mouth so that they are out of the teeth’s reach.


Finally ask your veterinarian about the possibility of converting your cat's pills into powder or liquid. Then you can combine the medicine with the tuna oil to give it to your cat. The tuna oil helps to mask the taste of the medicine.




How to Give a Cat Medicine

How to Give Your Cat Medication

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