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Service animals

Service animals :

A service animal is any dog ​​trained to work or perform tasks that help and benefit individuals with certain types of disabilities. Such as physical, mental, sensory or psychological disabilities. Other animals, domestic or wild, trained or untrained, are not classified as service animals. But in some cases, some cats, horses, monkeys, ducks, and parrots were classified as service animals.


Some tasks performed by service animals:


Guidance and navigation : Some animals are trained to guide individuals in navigation and in roads and streets safely. Where they are trained to recognize cars and other vehicles and how dangerous the situation is and when pedestrians can cross the road.

Movement : Some animals are trained to help individuals to balance or help them in case they fell.

Hearing : Some animals are trained to help deaf people or individuals with hearing difficulties. For example, when the doorbell rings or when someone wants to talk to the individual, the animal will suggest to the person with hearing disability that someone wants to talk to him.

Some animals are trained to help people with psychiatric disorders such as Post-traumatic stress (PTSD), or severe anxiety.

Emergency Medical Assistance : Some animals can assist medically as well. Such as searching for medications or even evacuating the place for surgery. Or warning others if someone requires immediate medical attention. Some animals are trained to contact the ambulance through specialized phones with large and clear buttons.

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