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Abandoning animals for their age

One of the most unfortunate reasons for abandoning pets is due to aging. Its indeed tragic but old pets are abandoned on a daily basis and this thing is particularly common with dogs. Like elder people Older dogs deserve to spend their last years in comfort, surrounded by the love they deserve. Unfortunately abandoning them results in their death for many factors.




One of the most common reasons to abandon pets when at an older age : 



1 - Older animals are usually quieter and prefer to sleep and relax rather than playing and running, therefore resulting in loss of interest by their owners, especially children.



2- Just like people, as pets grow older they face some health problems that tend to be expensive on their owner and the pet require a lot of care and attention.



3 - Pet owners resort to smaller cats and dogs because of how cute they look and as they grow older their not as "cute" as before, which in our opinion is totally absurd. 

The size is not as "cute" as before


And we can avoid this by : 

Awaring others. One can contribute to helping animals by educating others about the need to take responsibility for their pets. And never adopt unless you are 100% sure that you have the ability to care of the pet.


keep our environment clean !! it is essential to keep a clean environment; specifically, water areas or its vicinity, as the spread of garbage can cause diseases to animals, making it difficult to treat them and take care of them.


Maintaining your pet's hygiene and safety. Also taking them to the veterinarian when needed, helps reduce chances of getting sick and maintain their safety, which will result in reducing the chances of abandoning the pets.

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