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Diabetes is a chronic disease that not only can affect humans, but also many animals like horses, pigs, apes, cats and dogs. Even though it can’t be cured, if managed correctly; your pet will live a long happy life.


Dog diabetes is called “Diabetes Mellitus” and it is a metabolism disorder. It is categorized into two types:

1- Type 1 diabetes is occurs herb the insulin producing cells are destroyed in the pancreas due to a inflammation. 

2- Type 2 diabetes could occur from overweight 


Others factors for developing diabetes are age, genetics, Steroid medications, Cushing’s disease, and Other health conditions could cause diabetes.



Early Symptoms of diabetes:

* Excessive thirst

* Increased urination

* Weight loss

* Increased appetite



Advanced symptoms:

* Loss of appetite

* Lack of energy

* Depressed attitude

* Vomiting


If you notice any of the symptoms, take your dog to the veterinarian for urine and blood tests.


If the diabetes is not dealt with appropriately, the health of your dog will deteriorate rapidly. It could develop blindness, Enlarged liver, Urinary tract infections, Seizures, Kidney failure, or even Ketoacidosis.


How to help your diabetic dog is by feeding him a good diet, help him exercise, and give him insulin shots as prescribed.


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