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fungal infections


Ringworm; the name might trick you into believing that ringworm is caused by a worm, where in fact it is a fungal infection that occurs on the hair and skin. Ringworm is extremely common in pets but don’t underestimate it as it is extremely contagious, therefore if you think your pet is infected by it you need to seek medical attention right away !.



Sources of ringworm : 

  • Soil 

  • Other infected people

  • from your pet 

Ringworm can be easily transmitted because  

The fungi live on skin cells and hair


Your pet can be playing in the garden just playing in the soil and ends up with  (Microsporum gypsum),  which is one of the species of ringworm.


We advise you to avoid skin-skin contact with the infected person or pet, don’t share any type of belongings (bedsheets, towels, brushes, furniture ..etc)

How to treat fungus:

The treatment is simple and all the mentioned drugs are found in regular pharmacies, but we recommend to visit the vet and check what type of fungal infection it is.

Drugs for fungal treatments:

- Lamisil ointment / Spray.

- Nizoral Shampoo.

- Betadine disinfectant / sterilizer.


first, start by disinfecting the inflamed area with Betadine

Then put an ointment/sprayer (preferably an ointment because it stays on the area). Apply Twice a day until the inflammation disappears. If the fungal infection is found in various spots then you can shampoo your pet once a week.


The treatment period may take up to two weeks or more, depending on the case.

If the condition progresses and you do not notice any improvement you should go to your veterinarian.

Because ringworm is extremely contagious and it is hard to prevent we advise to follow these steps to try to prevent it :


  • Stay clean by showing regularly, especially after sports 

  • Avoid infected pet. most spots in pets will have missing fur although in some cases spots may not be clear to the eye and will need to be checked by a vet.

  • Don’t share your personal belongings  

  • Avoid wearing long sleeves during an activity that might cause excessive sweat and humid in some areas.





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