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My needs hoomen

Of course, as you adopted or going to adopt I expect you to understand that you need to serve me. this is why these awesome bunch "Karbasha" are going to tell you what to do to serve me 


Cut my nails





Even I need medical attention, so don't forget to take me to the vet.



Ok, how do you brush my teeth?


It is true that i'll give you a hard time, but this is good for my health.

Use my small toothbrush and toothpaste(you can find it in the pet store), and brushing my teeth from a young age.




1- Clean my litter box probably.


2- Put my food and water in a clean plate.


3-Play and chill with me.







1- Clean my litter box thoroughly and change the litter.


2- Brush my teeth.

Visit to the vet :


1- After adoption, you need to do check up with the veterinarian


2- I need yearly checkup as well to make sure I'm free of health issues.


3- If i got sick or you notice signs of fatigue on me or anything odd please make sure to take me to the vet right away .

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