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Cats Behavior

We often notice strange behaviors exhibited by our cats, but have you ever thought about the meanings behind them?

Today we're going to talk about the 10 most common kitty actions and the meanings behind them.


1-Biting their own claws:

Cats are naturally very clean little pets, and their claws are one of the most important weapons for defense. So cats pay special attention to their claws either by nibbling on them or by scratching furniture and carpets to maintain them. (hence they should be provided with scratching posts). Another reason for claw biting is that they might be upset or bored due to new changes in their environment. However, there is no need to be concerned due to this behavior unless it causes harm to your cat.


2-Running fast for no apparent reason: 

Do you sometimes notice your cat running really quickly from room to room for no reason?

This is usually because domestic cats have a lot of energy in them that isn’t being put to use. In other words, these running spurts are an outlet for pent up energy.


3- Strange sitting and sleeping positions in cats:

Do you notice your cat sitting or sleeping in strange positions?

Sleeping on their back with their paws in the air, sleeping in an arched position, or even sitting like a human! All of these positions indicate that your cat feels comfortable in your household and trusts the safe environment. 


4-Do not bury feces or urinate in wrong places:

Perhaps someday you notice your cat has urinated or defecated in different places in the house or outside their litterbox. These actions may indicate that the cat is anxious about something. Yet, more likely; If you bought home a new pet, specifically a cat – your household cat might be trying to assert their dominance.


5- Low/growling sounds:

Do you notice your cat making 

Did you find your cat faintly and intermittently as soon as you saw you coming from outside the house?

Did your cat sleep for a long time and then suddenly came towards you and issued a low and intermittent meow?

This is how cats welcome their loved ones.


You'll often find your cat doing intermittent watering when you're receiving you from outside the house or you're coming from a long journey, and you'll rub her body in your foot or hands and maybe jump and sit in your hands until she tells you she misses you.


6- Slow blinking

Did you notice your cat slowly closing his eyes? It’s basically universal cat language for “I’m comfortable with you and I’m happy.”


7- A sound that resembles the sound of a snake? Or; hissing.

Be careful! This sound indicates the cat's anger and fear! Dealing with the cat in this situation is not safe and cats may attack you in the case of not being careful.


8- "Gifts":

If your cat gets you a dead mouse, bird, or lizard.. Well, It's just your cat's way to express their gratitude towards you. 


9. Hiding

Cats sometimes get scared, which is normal. However, if you notice your cat doesn't come out of their usual hiding place much or is hiding under the bed or refuses to come out, this may be an indication your cat is genuinely anxious and scared about something.



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